About Marianus Ekka

Mr Marianus Ekka is a Reiki Master Teacher who feels absolutely passionate about Reiki, both as a practitioner and as a teacher. His own Reiki training has been very extensive and he feels honored to be part of the worldwide Reiki community.

He enjoys all types of Spiritual Meditations. On a regular basis, he comes together with other like-minded people and participates in meditation groups, Preaching, Healing sessions, Seminars and other activities allowing for each them to grow/shine within themselves and be true to people in today’s society. His aim with Divine Rays Reiki is to create a safe and peaceful environment for both men and women to come along and enjoy the benefits of Reiki Energy Healings and other Healings that are on offer.

Mr Marianus Ekka is a leading Reiki Master Teacher. He is based out of Ranchi Jharkhand, India with over 9 years of healing and teaching experience in the field. At present, he has classes in Jharkhand (India) and has students from many states.

His vision is to expand Divine Rays Reiki and further assist those in need, or those whom are just a little lost and just want someone to talk to that gets them and assist with peoples blockages and helping them back onto their path.

His Achievements

His specialization in Reiki a very powerful healing modality makes an immense difference in people’s lives.

Reiki I Level

Reiki II Level

Usui Reiki Art/Master Level

Karuna Reiki® Master

Holy Fire III® Reiki Practioner

Candle Reiki

Angel Healing

Aura Reading

Cord Cutting


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